TechTour NRW Venture Forum 2018

UriCell was award winner at TechTour NRW Venture Forum 2018. NRW Venture Forum 2018 is one of the 10 semi-finals for the Tech Tour flagship event - European Venture Contest Final 2018 (EVC Final). Showcasing 40+ innovative companies recruited in Healthtech, ICT and Cleantech based in the NRW region looking for seed and series A investments. An expert jury formed by investors and corporate key players selected the 25 best-performing entrepreneurs which were invited to present at EVC Final in Düsseldorf on 10-11 December 2018.

Rheinischer Innovationspreis 2018

UriCell wins the Rheinischer Innovationspreis 2018 of the entrepreneurship Düsseldorf. Video:

The prize was awarded at the Arbeitgebertag 2018. more.

NUK Business plan competition 2017

UriCell wins the 2nd prize and the audience award in the Business plan competition 2017 of the entrepreneur initiative NUK (Neues Unternehmertum Rheinland e.V.).

HHU Idea competition 2016

UriCell wins the audience award in the Idea competition 2016 of the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf.

BioRiver Boost! 2016

UriCell is one of the winners of the BioRiver Boost! competition 2016, which has been organized by the industry association Branchenverband of the Life-Science-Enterprises in the Rhineland.


The Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR: Westgerman Broadcast) reports about UriCell's riskless and painless method to gain stem cells from urine in the article Duesseldorfer Forscher gewinnen Stammzellen aus Urin :

RP Online

The Rheinische Post (RP Online) reports about UriCell's non-invasive approach to extract stem cells from urine in the article Forscher gewinnen Stammzellen aus Urin :


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